Praesidium – Oxywatt product branding, sales materials

Client: TW Plast, Praesidium, Poland. Context: Product branding for Oxywatt – concentrated regenerative oxygen from Praesidium by TW Plast.  Deliverables: Packaging, sales materials – leaflet, pull-up banner, product presentation template. Deliverables: Packaging, sales materials – leaflet, pull-up banner, product presentation template.

Research Now – Print Advertising

Client: Research Now, UK. Context: Research Now offers marketing insights via surveys of their global consumer panels. Deliverables: Selection of brand and product advertising for Research Now across European, Asian and American markets. 

OnePlace – Sales Materials, Event Graphics

Client: OnePlace, UK. Context: OnePlace offers client life cycle management solutions for large corporations.  Deliverables: brochure, leaflet, iconography, pull-up banners, event graphics and branded giveaways. 

SIP Biznes – Product Landing Pages, Promo

Client: SIP Biznes, Poland. Context: SIP Biznes is a legal online platform offering legal compliance solutions for companies. Deliverables: landing pages design and WordPress build, iconography, product sheets, digital brochure and online advertising banners. Visit:

Research Now – Tracking Studies Campaign

Client: Research Now, UK. Context: Lead generation tracking studies campaign for Research Now offering clients industry insights via white paper download.  Deliverables: animated banners, email design and development, microsite design and HTML development.

Gyros Tanasis – Social Media Campaigns

Client: Gyros Tanasis, Poland. Context: A family-run authentic Greek street food restaurant.  Deliverables: social media campaigns promoting launch of food deliveries and full product range. Xmas and Santa price discount campaigns. Product photography and retouching.

Riders – Exhibition Promo

Client: Group of Artists. Context: Promotional materials in print and digital for a sculpture exhibition in Warsaw organised by a group of international artists on the topic of riders of Apocalypse.  Deliverables:  Print and digital invites, posters, catalogue and sculptures’ photos and retouching.